Anything is Possible
The Art & Science of Tapping Into Your Power

Robert Rudelic

John Parrella
Defensive Tackle, Oakland Raiders

Robert’s program has definitely helped me in a positive way, including my ability to recover on a day-to-day basis.

Betsy Haggerty
Project Manager
The Queenstone Group

While undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, PowerTapping helped me release the negative emotions towards the treatment and overcome my resistance so I was able to receive its full benefit. Now that I’m cancer free, I’m using PowerTapping to help make choices to live a happier and healthier life.

Michael Bennett
Independent Business Owner

Wow – this is the first time in a long time I have felt so motivated and inspired! I now have the tools to kick limiting beliefs and self sabotage to the curb! Your work has turned my life around. Thank you, thank you – the world is better with you in it.

Greg Oakes
Business Executive

Your book is excellently written. You are to be applauded. I was familiar with EFT and had gotten their manual. Yours is far superior. Thanks for the great book.

Cynthia Billups
Head Deacon
City of Refuge

In the brief time that I have been coached by Robert, I’ve gone from zero to walking every morning. I can tell the difference in my body already. I no longer have the pain in my chest. I can’t believe it – I’m not making this up. His mind-body approach works!

Stay Composed and Take Control

Discover an effective, easy to learn method of eliminating fears and limiting beliefs forever. You can make Anything Possible.

PowerTapping is a very effective way to eliminate distressing emotions and self-doubts that sabotage your efforts to succeed, find happiness, and achieve physical well-being.

“PowerTapping” is the next evolution in EFT or Thought Field Therapy. This “psychological acupuncture” is the latest craze that suggests all you have to do is tap your troubles away.

Well, they’re right.

At least, you can tap away most of the stuff that bothers most of us on a day-to-day basis.

For proof, read “Anything Is Possible” by Robert Rudelic.

This is one of the better books on “tapping” points on your body to release blocks. More than that, this book explains how to “replace” negative or limiting thoughts with more empowering ones.

I strongly suggest you get this one. They also have a DVD presentation that is great.

Joe Vitale – Mr. Fire

Why positive thinking is not enough!

Do you feel stuck, trapped or even defeated? Are you dealing with emotional, and/or physical pain? Have you tried without success to kick a bad habit or change self-destructive behavior? Do you have an addiction you just can’t kick? Has financial success been elusive? To break through and regain control, you need far more than positive thinking alone, you need PowerTapping!

“In his foundational book, Anything Is Possible: The Art & Science of Tapping Into Your Power, Robert Rudelic reveals a powerful set of tools for handling fears and negative emotions on a moment to moment basis, and teaches you how to lock in positive beliefs that can change unwanted behavior forever.”

Now, after decades of helping people from every walk of life breakthrough to personal freedom and achievement, Robert Rudelic shares the secrets of PowerTapping in his foundational book.

Learn to overcome doubt and fear anytime, anywhere

Discover an exceptionally efficient way to expose and eliminate the underlying beliefs that block or limit your ability to succeed. It’s quick, simple and can be done anywhere, anytime. The only prerequisite for PowerTapping to work is a sincere desire to change. You already possess the ability to achieve your desires and by using my PowerTapping technique which has a high impact in a short amount of time; you will be astonished by the results.

PowerTapping is a meridian-based therapy that clears disturbances in the body’s energy system that causes unproductive thoughts, patterns and responses. Meridian-based therapies (of which there are many) have been validated in numerous scientific studies, with the original study done by a group of psychologist using tapping. Visit our EFT Research page for more information on scientific studies related to EFT. Tapping techniques have provided amazing results for millions of people worldwide.

Getting what you want is at your fingertips

PowerTapping can easily accelerate your life to levels of health, accomplishment, and satisfaction that you may have long ago given up hope of achieving. Not only is it possible to rapidly and completely eliminate the limiting beliefs that hold you back, it is also possible to reprogram yourself with positive, expansive convictions that can completely remake your world. Anything is Possible with PowerTapping, including attaining your heart-of-heart’s desires.

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Anything Is Possible: The Art & Science of Tapping Into Your Power (eBook)

Imagine in this crazy world we’re living in having the power to stay composed and in control is right at your fingertips. Imagine that anything you want to accomplish – from the healing of emotional difficulties or physical pain, to the achievement of tremendous success in work, sports, relationships, or creative endeavors – could be made possible by a relatively simple set of techniques that have been refined for over thirty years and now known as PowerTapping. With your disbelief suspended and your mind and heart open, consider the possibility that you are about to learn of a magical key – a golden elixir, a philosopher’s stone – one that can quickly, easily, and painlessly, make anything possible. This is what I teach you in this book.

Everything in Life Is a Performance
(eBook & Video Master Class Training)

This isn’t like any book you’ve ever read. What makes this book unique is that I have integrated a Master Class with PowerTapping coaching sessions at the end of each chapter that you can access in the moment and join me to enhance your personal experience mentally, emotionally, and physically so you have an actual experience and quickly get results. Having the actual experience takes you beyond just knowledge – you know! It works! You feel it! No matter what you’re working through or where you’re coming from, my invincible mindset strategies will greatly accelerate your success and unlock the power inside you and help you maximize your full potential. No matter what your ambitions in life are – from just getting through a difficult time to being a successful entrepreneur, or to prosper at anything you do, personal coaching can be essential to transforming your goals into reality.

Lorri Zimmer

I began working with Robert after my marriage of 20 years was dissolving. I felt unsure of myself and lacked the confidence to move forward and be decisive. I had some big challenges ahead and what I was doing was not helping me with my anxiety. Robert taught me mental strategies and gave me the tools I needed to stay composed and stand up for myself. He taught me PowerTapping, a form of EFT, which I use every day now, and it has changed my life as well as my kids’ lives forever. It was the game changer I needed to take my life back.