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Get clear! Get unstuck! Get results! I help you get out of your own way and let yourself through by eliminating what’s holding you back – be empowered and confidently get what you want and achieve your goals! The power is at your fingertips.


You can’t change what’s happened to you, but you can change how you perceive and react to it. All the Information is right here – all in one place that will teach you the skills to quickly regain your composure, restore confidence, and address your most pressing emotional issues in hours or days, not months or years!


For Women Only! Do you want to be more confident, composed and self-assured while going through a break-up or divorce? What you’ll learn here will give you a huge advantage not just in the present challenges but you’ll be empowered, self-reliant, have more emotional control, and feel secure about your future.


First Responders frequently witness severe situations and are placed in harms’ way. Post Traumatic Stress is often the result of these horrifying experiences. This site is designed to help you eliminate the effects of PTS and prevent it from manifesting into life altering behavior so that you and your family members can get your lives back on track.


Clinical Practice in San Francisco specializing in 21st Century modalities to address all types of pain, new/old injuries, concussions, muscle damage, repetitive stress, and much more. As an Peak Performance Integrative Sports Therapist, Robert is known in his profession as “The End Point Guy” — difficult cases welcome!