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Is Your Break Up Breaking You?

By Robert Rudelic

For women only! Are you or someone you know struggling through a break-up or still stuck and unhappy after a break-up; feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed out, angry or just plain depressed? A break-up is one of the most stressful, life changing things you’ll go through in life; in fact it can be devastating – especially if you are not mentally or emotionally prepared. Read More…

The Five Stages of Divorce

By Robert Rudelic

Have you been caught off guard and feel abandoned and betrayed? Has the sudden shock and confusion of the break up left you stunned, filled with grief, fear and out of control anger? Do you feel like your world is falling down around you? If this is happening to you, you’re certainly not alone! Read More…

Divorce: Stage 1 - Denial

By Robert Rudelic

Are you struggling to face the overwhelming emotions connected to your current reality? Are you telling yourself “this isn’t happening?” Read More…